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Notable Clients & Press Quotes

Ameripolitan Award Winner 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Summer Jamboree 

Senigallia, Italy

High Rockabilly

Calafell, Spain


Hemsby Rock n Roll 


Norfolk, England 

Viva Las Vegas  

LV Nevada

Retro Rewind

Dubuque, IA

Vintage Torque 

Dubuque, IA

SYMCO Weekender

Symco, WI

Presley Perkins Lewis & Cash 

Atlantic City, NJ

Peakskill, NY

Manitoba, Canada

Saskatchewan, Candada

Jimmy Dale Promo

Artists Supported/Associated Acts

Reverend Horton Heat

James Intveld

Dale Watson and Celine Lee

Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys

Slim Jim Phantom 

Charlie Daniels Band

The Blasters

The Paladins

Jimmy Dale in Italy


Writer: Peter Marinus   News and media website for blues, rock, roots, and Americana


"In the 80s, acts like the Stray Cats and Robert Gordon revived the old-fashioned exciting rockabilly sound. And if there is one contemporary artist who can once again bring such a revival, it is the American singer, guitarist and pianist Jimmy Dale Richardson."


Jerry Phillips (son of Sam Phillips- Sun Records)- discussing Dallas Barbershop Sessions
“Just goes to show that you only need one mic and some great players.”

Tom Sanderson (Musician)- “I’m a huge fan of Jimmy. Some of the best vocals in recent times for country music if not the best.”


Gator Rock (Alan Schrack)- TV News Producer - “If the country music industry knew what it was doing, this guy would be at the top of the charts.”  


Jim Heath (Reverend Horton Heat)- Touring Musician- quoted during Rev’s show at Tower Theater April 2019
“We’re going to have a very special guest come and join us. I just saw him recently at the Ameripolitan Awards and he was the talk of the whole awards show the whole weekend. What a great artist songwriter singer. You are very lucky to have this guy here in Oklahoma City.”

Del Villarreal- DJ WCBN FM- Go Kat Go! The Rock-A-Billy Show- quoted during Jimmy’s 2016 set Viva Las Vegas
“Since I first heard this young artist not even a few months ago, I was pretty blown away by him. He’s a straight true blue country artist at heart really - a real honky tonker, but his rockabilly is tremendous. He’s got a great sound, he’s very authentic, and he comes from Oklahoma.”

​Bear Family Records- (Writer Nico) - Jimmy Dale & The Beltline: Heartaches And Honkytonks album
“After I've listened to this album, I can say, I've finally found my peace with the today's term of 'Country Music'! The biggest part of today's so-called 'Country' is overloaded, overproduced and soulless Pop, in most of the cases from Nashville - the 'Capital of Country Music'! Folks, there's a little hope on the prairie horizon! In the land of our dreams and the cradle of Country Music are indeed artists, mostly on small labels for sure, who really feel what they sing and sing what they feel! Jimmy Dale and The Beltline are a fantastic example for really great, honest and down-to-earth Country Music and much more than Redneck songs about 'patriotism', 'mud on the tires' and 'Spring Break'! This is a five star release all the way and highly recommended! Listen carefully, enjoy and learn!”

​James Riley- Old Fashioned Radio Publicity- Host- Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour-

"If somebody played this for me and didn't tell me anything about it, I would swear I was listening to some amazing lost recording from the 50's.  The energy is infectious.  It's raw...It's real...and I want to hit repeat continuously.  Knowing WHO it is playing on this...Ameripolitan Award winning Jimmy Dale, the late and legendary Nick Curran and "Smiley" Jake Erwin slapping the bass rhythms...I know I'll be playing this on the radio for years to come.  I can't believe we have this gift of listening in to this time capsule exactly how it was recorded!"  

Big Sandy - Touring Musician- quoted before and after Jimmy’s 2018 set at Viva Las Vegas
“This is guy is fantastic at honky tonk, hillbilly, rockabilly. Some artists have something special, something that really stands out. And to me, this guy really has it.”   “In another time, the 50s or 60s, you would have been a big country star. There’s no reason that can’t happen now. Let’s get behind this guy.”  “You take the best voices of country music- Wynn Stewart, Faron Young… you’re right up there with them.”

Fred “Virgil” Turgis – The Rockabilly Chronicle 

One of the best Rockabilly records I’ve heard in ages and by far my favorite of 2019”

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