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The Vintage Showgirl and Jimmy Dale Music
Come fly with us to the time of Las Vegas glamour!

The show opens with Elvis Presley's Viva Las Vegas at The Flamingo. An immersive audience experience moves along the strip to The Sands for crooning sounds of Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra. Jimmy Dale transitions genres seamlessly from jazz lounge to R&B with the jump blues guitar of T Bone Walker and James Brown. Jimmy is joined by the finely feathered Oklahoma Showgirls. Dancing showgirls prove a divine example of mid-century nostalgia with the ability to remain powerful icons of Las Vegas.






We will soon celebrate the release of the film Reagan where the Oklahoma Showgirls  dancers and costumes are featured as the Adorabelles at the 1954 Last Frontier Hotel’s Ramona Room show

with Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan.


"Jimmy Dale Richardson flies the flag for Oklahoma's rockin' scene"- Vintage Rock Magazine

“Some artists have something special, something that really stands out. And this guy really has it!” -Big Sandy

Jimmy Dale as Elvis and Oklahoma Vintage Showgirls
Kickline Chorines Vintage Vegas Oklahoma Showgirls

Event History for Vintage Vegas Theme

Witte Museum - Vintage Valentine - San Antonio, TX

Levi Hospital's 100th Anniversary- Baron's Ball - Hot Springs AR

Osage Casinos - Strolling Entertainers - Tulsa, OK


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