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2021 Release- 58 Buick/She’s Wild single Jimmy Dale Richardson - Fun Guy Records

Slap That Bass - AJ's Rockin Music Reviews - Lonesome Dave Fisher

"Richardson himself delivers a pounding piano that kicks off the tune and staccato “timing light” vocals in the

cadence of the more driving tunes by Jerry Lee Lewis. Heath delivers a 1958-specific toolbox full of rock and roll

and Memphis blues licks with the occasional signature Reverend lick to let us all know where it’s coming from.

Contreras and Wallace throttle along wide open, pushing the beat ahead of itself like an advanced curve.

Jimmy Dale lets us all know how this tune is gonna go: he’s an airborne cat and off like a bullet, but “honey, this is

MY car. You just in it for a little while.”

“She’s Wild” somehow manages to crank up the dial from the A side. The tune was previously recorded by Richardson

on his “Heartaches and Honky Tonks” album, but it’s got a whole new energy here. Jimmy Dale shouts out his lyrics in

a style inspired by Little Richard’s howling. Heath stabs and stings with a bit of tremolo bar, and offers a dance-enticing

swinging solo break. Wallace solidifies the swing of the tune while Contreras snaps that snare drum. As fantastic as the

other rocking side is, this is the side that will fill up the dance floor without fail.

Informed and educated by the greats such as Lewis and Penniman, Jimmy Dale Richardson has his own distinct voice

and style and the studio craftsmanship captures it perfectly. Fun-Guy Records is a label that offers high-grade vinyl and content to match. This is a must-have for vinyl DJs and should be one of the tunes heard on dance floors at festivals everywhere this year as we all get back to enjoying our lives."

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