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Vintage Entertainment with Live Music and Dancing Showgirls

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Nov 2021


TV News Producer  and You Tube Historical Music Channel - “If the country music industry knew what it was doing,

this guy would be at the top of the charts.”    - Alan Schrack 


The Rockabilly Chronicle - “One of the best Rockabilly records I’ve heard in ages and by far my favorite of 2019”
- Fred “Virgil” Turgis - referring to "Dallas Barbershop Sessions"

“I’m a huge fan of Jimmy. Some of the best vocals in recent times for country music if not the best.” 

- Tom Sanderson, Musician 


Old Fashioned Radio Publicity- "If somebody played this for me and didn't tell me anything about it,

I would swear I was listening to some amazing lost recording from the 50's.  The energy is infectious.  

It's raw...It's real...and I want to hit repeat continuously.  Knowing WHO it is playing on this...

Ameripolitan Award winning Jimmy Dale, the late and legendary Nick Curran and "Smiley" Jake Erwin slapping

the bass rhythms...I know I'll be playing this on the radio for years to come.  

I can't believe we have this gift of listening in to this time capsule exactly how it was recorded!"   

- Jammin' James Riley/ Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour - Referring to Dallas Barbershop Sessions 1998 recording



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